Goa Vidyaprasarak Mandal's


About Us

Goa Vidyaprasarak Mandal, popularly known as GVM, was founded in the year 1911 by visionaries like Dr. Dada Vaidya, Shri Sitaram Kerkar and Shri Vinayak Sarjyotishi when Goa was under Portuguese rule. The founding fathers wanted to impart education rooted in the nation's rich and varied cultural heritage so as to mould a new generation of Goans who had the capabilities and confidence to shoulder responsibilities of nation-building.

There are about 450 members of the teaching and non-teaching staff working in the institutions of the Mandal. There are over 9000 students under the Institutions of the Management

1993 June The College starts with Shree Ashok Jumde as acting Principal
1994 July Principal Louis Vernal joins
1995 July Dept. of Extension Services established
1999 July Recognised by UGC under 2f
2000 Dec Recognised by NCTE
2002 Jan IGNOU centre established
2002 Aug Permanent Affiliation to Goa University
2002 Oct MOU with Intel Corporation's Teach to the future programme
2003 June Recognised by UGC under 12b
2005 July Launching of Pre-Primary Certificate Course