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Student Feedback
B.Ed. Programme:
Code of the students(Admission No/Code):
Please rate the course on the following attributes putting a tick mark ( ) using the five point scale:
VG= Very Good, G=Good, A=Average , S= Satisfactory, NS=Not Satisfactory

Sr. No Parameters VG G A S NS
1 Induction to the B. Ed. Course
2 Depth of the course content including project work if any
3 Extent of course coverage
4 Applicability/relevance to real life situation
5 Learning Values( in terms of knowledge, concepts, skills, analytical abilities and broadening perspectives)
6 Relevance of additional source material in the Library
7 College programme is suitable for the development of student's various potential
8 Fair & encouraging internal assessment
9 Apt & timely assignments (Essays, Open book)
10 Well planned course
11Planning & execution of following activities:
a Community work
b Extension work
c Practice Teaching
d Simulated lessons (CAI, role play, game, team teaching)
e Micro teaching
f Seminars & workshops
12 Overall rating of the course

Comments & Suggestions for the course:

Validation code:

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