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Student Blogs

STUDENTS BLOGS: Blogs are digital platforms that provide students with a medium for sharing knowledge and experiences that go beyond the traditional means of reading and writing in classrooms. The use of blogs in education gives students gives students a global perspective. Learning through blogs allows students to take control of their own learning and use it to their own needs. The use of blogs, creates many opportunities for collaborative learning, promotes creativity and self expression. Blogs contribute to improve writing abilities, engage audiences beyond classrooms and most of all own responsibility of their learning. The science students have been oriented and encouraged to make their own blogs since 4 years. They upload their assignments, demonstrations, lesson plans, photos, links, teaching experiences, assessment tools and any activity they undertake in science teaching and learning. The 2015-2016 batch has been trained in the use of web 2.0 tools. The students have incorporated the use of these tools in their blogs.

Below are a few student blog links: